Metropolitan College & 延续教育


Community interaction, whether on the local or global level, has always been integral to 十大网赌正规平台’s mission. Metropolitan College & Extended Education upholds that principle by making the University’s resources—intellectual, 学术, 和 physical—accessible to a broad audience of working professionals 和 students of all ages, 背景, 和国籍.

Metropolitan College & 延续教育 provides both opportunity 和 flexibility for students who might not otherwise participate in learning at the University. Employing the principles of excellence, 可访问性, 和创新, we strive to reach out to diverse populations 与 relevant, 具有挑战性的, 和 rewarding programs.

We invite you to explore our dynamic offerings.

Metropolitan College (见过)

见过 is one of 十大网赌正规平台’s 16 degree-granting schools 和 大学s.


夏季学期 coordinates the University’s summer 学术 programming. 夏季学期 offers over 700 courses in as many as 70 subjects annually, attracting a vibrant mix of high school, 大学, 和 professional students from around the United States 和 the world.

  • 夏季学期的 high school programs offer an introduction to the 大学 experience. 高中荣誉 allows rising seniors 和 exceptional juniors to enroll in two BU courses. 的 Re搜索 Internship in Science & 工程 gives upcoming seniors a chance to engage in re搜索 与 a BU faculty mentor. For students preparing to enter their sophomore, junior, or senior year, 夏天的挑战 offers a choice of 学术 seminars, while 夏天预览—especially for incoming freshmen or sophomores—immerses students in a one-week seminar.
  • 为期12周的 Summer Study Internship Program provides visiting students 与 an opportunity to get h和s-on work experience while earning 学术 credit.

中心 Professional Education

的 中心 Professional Education (CPE) specializes in non-credit 证书 programs 和 individual courses for a professional audience 和 those seeking career enrichment or change. Courses are available evenings, Saturdays, 和 online.


的 Distance Education office administers 十大网赌正规平台’s online programs, bringing high-quality degree 和 证书 programs to students worldwide.

International Initiatives

十大网赌正规平台’s Metropolitan College is committed to exploring what it means to be truly global in nature, so that our mission, 组织, 课程, 和 ventures abroad accurately reflect 和 accommodate the needs of students 和 industries worldwide. 符合国际 delivers on-campus programs exclusively to students from international partner institutions. International students benefit from industry-leading 学术 models 和 gain access to the 十大网赌正规平台 experience. Programs include the undergraduate Semester in Boston,以及…… graduate 证书sinternship opportunities.

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